Tuesday, January 24, 2012

pola project

For christmas this year everyone on my list was given these little polaroid magnets. They require very little supplies & can be easy if you don't wait until the last minute to make 100 of them. I got the idea from here (http://www.ambrosiagirl.com/blog/tiny-polaroid-magnets/) but dumbed it down a little when I found that I can't cut in a straight line with an xacto knife and was running out of time.
1) download her templete and choose photos to size into the alloted space. (I used instagrams mostly because they were already square.)
2) print on cardstock paper & cut until your hand cramps.
3) peel the backing off of a magnetic sheet found at your local craft store and arrange them so you have enough room to cut around.
and done.
I was afraid they wouldn't turn out that well since I skipped the step of adding some depth with the cardboard but they were cute & I was pleased. If you are my friend this is probably what you will be getting for your birthday so act surprised.
I found these premade boxes at the craft store & personalized them with stamps.

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